What asset can you deposit?

Currently, TanglePay supports the deposit of various tokens, including IOTA, SMR, and more. Let's explore the supported assets for each network:

  1. IOTA Mainnet: You can deposit IOTA tokens on the IOTA Mainnet network.

  2. Shimmer Mainnet: You can deposit SMR tokens and other compatible assets on the Shimmer Mainnet network.

  3. EVM (Shimmer Testnet / BSC / MATIC): On this network, you can deposit tokens compatible with the EVM, including those on Shimmer Testnet, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon (MATIC).

Here is a list of faucets available on the EVM network where you can obtain tokens:

  1. Get SMR from the official faucet: SMR is the native token on the ShimmerEVM Testnet and is used to pay gas fees for transactions on the DEX. Please ensure that you have claimed some SMR tokens before proceeding further. You can get SMR from the official faucet at: https://evm-toolkit.evm.testnet.shimmer.network/

  2. Get contract tokens issued by Iota Foundation (IF): You can obtain contract tokens issued by the Iota Foundation (IF) from their specific faucet. To access the IF contract tokens faucet, please visit: https://evm-faucet.testnet.shimmer.network/

When you obtain test tokens from the faucets mentioned above, they might automatically link to your MetaMask wallet. From your MetaMask wallet, you can transfer the test tokens to your TanglePay wallet.

Please note that these faucets allow you to obtain tokens for testing and development purposes on the EVM network and do not have true value.

  1. IOTA Devnet: This network allows you to deposit tokens specifically designed for testing and development purposes on the IOTA Devnet.

  2. Shimmer Beta: The Shimmer Beta network supports the deposit of RMS tokens and other compatible assets for early adopters.

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