How to buy NFT

You can store the NFTs you purchase on Tanglepay. Iceberg Legends is a special NFT collection launched by Tanglepay. You can also buy other NFTs on the Sonnerverse website and store them in your Tanglepay wallet.

Buy Iceberg Legends

What is Iceberg Legends?

There are 12 Iceberg Legends and they are born in 3 tiers, Hero, Elite and Epic with different rarity and stats. And if you have the same legend in forms of Hero, Elite and Epic, you can summon the Legendary. One of the known stats is Reward Level which will be related to the amount of airdrop token the NFT holder will get.

Hero has a reward level of 3-5.

Elite has a reward level of 4-8.

Epic has a reward level of 7-15.

You can visit for more information.

Here's how to purchase Iceberg Legends:

  1. Click on "NFT" and then select "Iceberg Legends" on the website. Click on "Get one" to be redirected to the purchasing page. Or go to the website directly:

To proceed with the purchase:

  1. Connect your wallet.

  1. Choose an available NFT that you wish to buy.

  1. Select the desired NFT image.You can view the historical transaction timeline of the NFT.

  1. Click on "Buy now" to complete the transaction.

  1. Copy the wallet address.

  1. Transfer funds from the Shimmer Mainnet wallet.

  1. Successful transfer confirmation.

  1. Open "My Profile" to view the recently purchased NFT. Click on NFT to see the details of the NFT and choose to list it for sale.

Buy other NFT

You can purchase other NFTs on the Sonnerverse website.

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