Merge NFT

  1. What is the TanglePay Iceberg Legends Merge function?

The TanglePay Iceberg Legends Merge function is a feature on our website that allows users to combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and summon Legendary NFTs. By merging NFTs, users can create more powerful and unique Legendary NFTs.

  1. How does merging NFTs work?

To merge NFTs, users need to select the NFTs they wish to combine and initiate the merge process. The selected NFTs will be permanently combined into a single Legendary NFT.

  1. What are the benefits of merging NFTs?

Merging NFTs allows users to create Legendary NFTs, which are more valuable and rare. These Legendary NFTs provide a 20% bonus in forthcoming airdrop events, increasing the chances of receiving valuable rewards.

  1. Can I reverse the merging process and separate the NFTs again?

No, the merging process is not reversible. Once the NFTs are merged, they are permanently combined into a single Legendary NFT. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the decision to merge and ensure that you are willing to permanently combine the NFTs.

  1. The steps of merging NFT.

Where can I merge my NFTs:

  1. First, make sure you have the Hero, Elite, and Epic NFTs. Connect the right wallet that has Hero, Elite, and Epic NFTs.

What is Hero, Elite, and Epic NFTs?

How to buy Hero, Elite, and Epic NFTs?

  1. Click on the Add (+) button, and it will automatically open the Tanglepay wallet and display the eligible NFTs. Select the the right NFT and click "Add."

  1. You will see that your Hero NFT is now in the designated box. Repeat the same process to add the Elite and Epic NFTs.

  1. Once you have added all three NFTs, the Merge button will become clickable. Click on Merge.

  1. In the prompted dialog box, click Merge to confirm.

6.The NFT is merged. And you can find it in your wallet.

After the merge, the three original NFTs will disappear, but you will receive a stronger Legendary card with a 20% airdrop level bonus.

Important note: The merge process is irreversible, and the original NFTs will be burnt, meaning you cannot recover them afterward. This merge function will be available until April 30th, 2025.

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