How to join, leave, mark and unmark a group

Once you have your web3 name NFT, you can browse the trollbox and discover interesting token and NFT-based chat groups.

There are two main tabs for the group, " For me" and " My groups".

"For me" are recommended groups based on your assets and the dApp's configuration. "My groups" includes the groups that you have joined.

To join a new group, simply click on the group name:

If you have the required token or NFT, you will see the " Join" button on the bottom; otherwise, you will see the "Mark" button. You can mark the group and come back later once you have the required token and NFT. For token-based groups, you need at least 20 tokens to join a public group.

To leave a group, click on the three dots in the top right corner to enter the group details menu. Click on "Leave". To "unmark" a group, follow the same process.

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