TanglePay and Firefly

The Firefly wallet is also an open-source wallet. It is currently available as a desktop application, with a mobile version coming soon.

TanglePay is a community-developed open-source wallet and is available on iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension built by an experienced dev team.

We believe in the future of IOTA and feel that it is worthwhile having more than one IOTA-native wallet. Certain wallets may be better suited to interacting with some projects than others. Having this choice will be helpful when the IOTA ecosystem grows and brings in projects from all kinds of industries.

Security and transparency are our top priorities, that’s why TanglePay is open-source and built together with community developers.

Technical Part

TanglePay is developed directly using the IOTA SDK,

For technical details please visit us on GitHub,


Currently both TanglePay and Firefly can be used to store and transfer IOTA tokens. When IOTA smart contract is on mainnet, TanglePay and Firefly will take different approaches to support IOTA Ecosystem.

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